GIS and Maps

Fleet Management

Know Where Your Vehicles Are

Know exactly where your vehicles at all times, whether their engines are running and how long they've been there at a glance. Increase worker productivity, put an immediate stop to false overtime claims and completely eliminate personal use of company vehicles that can cost you a fortune in unnecessary fuel and maintenance. Take appropriate action against offending employees based on irrefutable, objective evidence.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Organise Routes and Deliveries
  • Optimise Fleet Performance and Customer Service
  • Reduce Idle Time
  • Monitor and Save on Gas
  • Know Who’s Behind the Wheel
  • Encourage Responsible Driving

GIS & Mapping Services

DiGeo provides a complete offering to clients: from supplying geographical data and location-based business consulting, customising our solutions and products to meet clients’ needs, to developing new Location-Based Services (LBS).

The company has a strong development team which has created a suite of software products, which facilitate the delivery of quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. In addition, DiGeo partners with clients to develop custom applications.

Solutions vary from providing datasets of geographical information, to customized maps and consulting services. When working with datasets, for example, we provide spatial data- capturing, spatial analysis and maintenance and management services. Our clients use us for geocoding and address verification (e.g. finding coordinates from customer addresses); customized mapping, geo-marketing and more.

Solutions vary in size from requests for single map production to a sophisticated solution; consulting on the strategic implications of data in light of a client’s business; implementing current products or developing custom software for a specific task.

You need a map?

We are here to consult you on any project that requires a map. They are more than you know!