IWB Software


Tailor-made to match your style and content

Our IWB software is made to meet your publication's design and style, while maintaining its educational value. We are committed to enhance the student's engagement, providing interactivity over your content.

Secure and offline native apps for Windows, Android and iOS

All your publication's content is bundled in an offline, distributable and secure native app, for PCs, tablets and smartphones. Publish your educational software on Windows Store, Android Play Store and Apple App Store and expand your audience! We guarantee that the content, functionality and experience remain unchanged across platforms.

Less is More

Our unique intuitive design focuses on the most important thing: your publication's content and educational value. A clean interface, with minimal design that doesn't distract teachers or students.

You are in control!

You get extended reports for the use of your software, using Google Universal Analytics integration. Now you know which schools use your software and when, which chapter they are in, and you can even get statistics on the exercises results by question!

Do you want to know more?

Ask for a sample of our new IWB software. It works natively on tablets and smartphones, too!