Next Monday (10th July 2013) will begin the online courses on the Google Geo Platform. This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of the most known and comprehensive geo-platform in the world, do a project from start to finish accompanied by trainers from Google and get a certificate at the end of the course.

Forget about learning the state capitals, at least, as the sum total of your knowledge of geography. "Geography is about meaning, not knowing place names and memorizing lists — that was school geography," said Daniel Edelson, vice president for education programs at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C.

Say hello to the new geography. It runs your GPS unit, takes you on mobile-device-guided tours, helps you find and see hotel rooms before you book them.

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I've seen plenty of time lapse videos from the International Space Station. None of them were even near the amazing beauty of this one. Play it at full screen and high definition—just the opening Star Wars-like shot will leave you in awe.

Just hours after the release of the Google Maps app for the iPhone, it has became the most downloaded free app in the Apple App Store.

The release of the app came late Wednesday night, just before midnight -- an unsuspecting time to launch such a highly-anticipated product. But creating buzz around the new Google Maps app was hardly an issue. There has been an immense demand for it ever since Apple pushed out its new iOS 6 update in September, which replaced the previous Google Maps app with one designed in-house.

Google Maps for iOS is back!

The app appeared in the App Store late Wednesday evening (12th December 2012), providing joy and comfort to disgruntled Apple Maps users everywhere.

Google Maps for iOS looks and functions more similarly to its Android counterpart than it does to the version that used to be bundled with iOS.

The Police department of Mildura, Australia, is warning drivers not to rely on Apple Maps, since the location of that city in Apple's mapping app is incorrect.

According to the Mildura Police, Apple Maps puts Mildura in the middle of Murray Sunset National Park, some 70 km away from Mildura's actual location.

Today, the modern internet user is accustomed to high speed data connections and optimised website browsers, with online inquiries answered in milliseconds. Website speed has become a crucial factor given that Google incorporated it as one of the parameters for page ranking. This can also explain the recent rise in attention paid to page load times by mainstream media.

Using satellites to determine your position only works outside. A new approach is needed indoors

DIGITAL navigation surely ranks as one of life’s high-tech bargains. Thanks to free Global Positioning System (GPS) signals broadcast by American satellites, and free online maps from companies like Google, Nokia and Apple, all you need is a smartphone with an internet connection to pinpoint your location on the Earth’s surface and call up maps, directions and local information. Unless, that is, you are indoors. And even if you are outdoors in a built-up area, the lack of a clear view of the sky can prevent GPS working properly, because its satellite signals are easily blocked by roofs, nearby buildings or even trees. For positioning to work indoors, where people spend most of their time, new technologies are needed.

NAVTEQ True utilizes a unique combination of technologies to create a 3D model of the real world. They combine rotating LIDAR, positioning sensors, panoramic and high resolution multi view cameras to capture real world dimension, fueling more realistic and interactive location experiences for you.

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